How to be more productive ?

How to be more productive

Some of the answers to our most challenging questions might lie in very small day to day detail of our lives. If you think increasing your productivity is some Jing bang science you are wrong. The key to increasing productivity is with no one but you.

Everyone desires for an increase in productivity be it an individual or a firm. Is it achievable? Well, yes it is and here is how. Here Experts from AccuretRCM has given some ideas and techniques to become more productive in simple ways.


Do not let Facebook, Whatsapp and other such distractions control your time. We end up giving way way more time to such sites then we think we do. Make a conscious effort to cut down on the time you spend on such time stealers and the results in terms of improved productivity are sure to surprise you.


Sleep is without any doubt the best stress buster. Don’t compromise on that. Your body feels relaxed, stress free and fresh after a good sleep. A sleep deprived body has low reception hence low capacity to undertake any work resulting in lowered productivity.


You need to charge your body from time to time. No matter how busy make it a point to not miss a meal. Try to have healthy food full of proteins and other healthy nutrients. Believe it or not rich food has the potential to keep you healthy and active to take up more work efficiently.


Try to replace the “oh no’s,” and “I can’ts of your life with, “ok yes,”  “yes, I can.”
Productivity is directly proportional to positivity.


We all are aware of the therapeutic properties of nature. How many of is make use of it? When bogged down by a particular task at hand step out in the sun or the cool breeze. A cool breeze on a hot day or a bright sun in a winter afternoon can make everything appear beautiful. Cool yourself out and get back to working fresh and happy.


Alcohol decreases your metabolism, dehydrated your body and slows your thinking capabilities. Unfortunately none of this contributes in increasing productivity. Excess of everything is bad.
Alcohol once in a while in limits doesn’t cause damage. To let it take control is something one must not allow.

These along with other lifestyle changes like exercising a little and living an altogether health life style can make you happy and more efficient.



Common mistakes that every entrepreneur make


One of the significant advantages of business enterprise is the potential for complete financial flexibility. There are various incentives that drive business people – including the longing to change the world- – however all are very much aware that their endeavors can bring about financial security.

Thus, there is a proclivity amongst entrepreneurs and founders to hopefully wager everything on their personal business. Their positive thinking drove them into business in any case, and much of the time that blind conviction that it will succeed is the main thing that drives it forward. But, with regards to financial management, the best wager isn’t as a matter of course to put everything in your business.

Not each startup gets a $100 million valuation and a buyout offer from Google. Indeed such stories are the special case, not the standard.

Here are the top three mistakes pointed out by Accuretrcm which most entrepreneurs make:

  1. “My business is the best place to put my cash.” Majority of the entrepreneurs out there surmise that putting cash over into their developing business is the best place for their cash. This is what they don’t understand. Putting cash into an organization doesn’t necessarily ensure a steady return forever. It might develop the organization and your salary stream, however when it comes to selling the organization, that is the point at which you can truly face inconvenience and realize the fact that your organization is just worth what another person wants to pay.
  2. “I needn’t bother with that much to retire.” It is suggested that you depend on a distribution rate of 4% on your aggregate resources invested. This implies that in case you are a small entrepreneur, procuring $250,000 every year, and you sell your company, you will require at least $6,000,000 invested to be able to manage the way of life that you’ve become used to. When you sell a business, that doesn’t inexorably ensures your retirement. It just ensures your unemployment.
  3. “My total worth is 1 zillion.” Business people like to misrepresent. It’s simply their nature. Now and again this is done as a type of bravado and chest beating, however at different times it is basically in light of the fact that they don’t know how to precisely ascertain their total assets. One of the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is thinking their equity stake in their business consequently adds to their own total assets. In case that your business offers for 1/2 or 1/4 of what you hope, how many of your feasible plans need to change? You retire on your own monetary record, not your business accounting report.

To overcome these mistakes and know more, contact Accuretrcm.

Lead the way !

essential skills for entrepreneur

AccuretRCM presents a few essential skills for Entrepreneur.

Self Disciplined – Is a Must to be Successful – One of the vital and essential qualities of any entrepreneur is to be self disciplined. An entrepreneur must have the attributes of being disciplined always. He is a self spurred person who knows how to accomplish any job. Majority of the entrepreneurs have dependably demonstrated a direness to finish their tasks well on time and are usually not in a habit to defer or postpone them. They give fast reaction and hardly lag behind.

Attitude – Building Block to Success – To become an entrepreneur, one must possess the necessary qualities and attitude of an entrepreneur. He should convey an uplifting demeanor and outlook towards his business and knows how to regard and treat his workers. It is a bitter truth that not everybody can become an entrepreneur regardless of the possibility that he had buckled down for it. Right attitude will help one develop and acquire credibility in the business sector.

Leadership – Effective Decision Making – Not everybody can have the characteristics of becoming a good leader. But, to be a successful entrepreneur, you should have this quality in yourself. Many people believe that pioneers are born however the reality of the situation is that the qualities of becoming a leader can be exceptionally well learnt. You can inculcate leadership and good decision making qualities in order to make things advantageous for you.

Risk – Do You Have the Appetite For It? – Another vital part of being an entrepreneur is to have an ability to take risks. The business environment is loaded with difficulties and vulnerabilities which a business person needs to oversee. After appropriate assessments and calculations, certain risks should be taken as they will do great to one’s business.

Staying Up to Date – One of the essential skills of an entrepreneur is to comprehend his business concerns and stay a la mode with all the modern technological advancements. They have a thirst for learning and they keep themselves upbeat with all the improvements happening in and around the business environment. Another vital perspective for any entrepreneur is how well he is dealing with his time. They take follow strict time table and plan their activities accordingly well in advance.

Street Smart – An entrepreneur should be smart. One should be sufficiently keen while handling customers. He should be ready and insightful to gain trust and regard of his customers.