Electronic & paper claim submission

ICD 10 service provider company in bangalore, HCFA service provider, accuretrcmGone are the days when healthcare practitioners used to use papers claims for transactional formats. The time has changed and almost 90% of the organizations have said goodbye to paper claims. They have started submitting electronic claims to emblem health. Claiming through electronics however increases the pace of claim processing services. It further helps and benefits the company immensely.

Some tips that can help you while practicing billing online.

  1. Ensure that you give adequate time to complete your account receivable reconciliation process. Your system must not have automatic set up of evaluating the account after every 30 days. You must give a reasonable amount of time to this process alone.
  2. Set the billing system in such a way that it doesn’t generate a paper claim automatically. As the duplicate billing system is extremely time and cost consuming. However with this it delays the process.


  1. It claims quick submission, which automatically means that reimbursements would be done faster.
  2. No piles of paper are going to be there in the stock.
  3. It certainly reduces clerical work
  4. No more wasting time while mailing the paper mails.

So lose the old tradition of stocking bundles and piles of papers, of keeping clerks and making them work for 12 hours for outcome. Step into the new world of paper claim electronically.

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